Trashy Society

It is 2014.  The human population has evolved incredibly.  Hmm, is that so?
Well, let’s get started!  I know for a fact my grandparents did not meet each other through social networks.  Never did they capture a photo and send it instantly to people across the globe, better yet; they had pen pals not texting buddies.  I am pretty sure no one would trade their lives of today for something ‘technology-less.’  I might be one of the few people who would.

I rather see myself without my cellphone and live a tranquil life.  How many problems have started because of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc? (I guess we can exclude Pinterest)  Did you ever get upset at the fact that your friend liked someones post, or that they are friends with someone you do not like?  Have you ever found out heartbreaking facts through these social medias?

I have.   Whether it has been from my friend, sister, cousin, significant other… and the list goes on.  All I have to say is that I wish we were in a world where we would not hurt the people we love.  And the more advance we get, the more we start problems with those poor individuals.  I am sure my grandpa would look at girls here and there; however, the only way to know was by reading his mind.  Literally!  And that is the beauty of it; because some things are better left unknown.  Nonetheless, it is 2014!  Meaning that, you will eventually find out the unpleasant truth whether you like it or not.

In current society what ends up happening is that there is lack of communication.  Wouldn’t it be better just to express how one feels in a detailed way rather than sending a text message saying, “I don’t think we can be together.”  And boom that is it; the relationship you had with that person goes down the drain.  Also, this all has to do with the image a person wants to hold up high.  It is so sad to see people depend and revolve around the internet.  Small things like these make the “social-network-freaks” forget about their real priorities.  Things that matter; such as, school, work, family, just to name a few.

One thing is for sure; although we have smart devices it does not mean our society is getting any wiser.  Which brings me to another good point, why the (excuse my language) fuck do we have to do what society thinks is “right”?  I do not want to be in college or maybe I do, but how many people out there spend money in an education they do not want?  Yet, they do it because they are afraid people will judge, or they do not want to make their parents look bad.  That is something that upsets me very much.  People shouldn’t tell others what to do, but I guess that is not their fault.  I can only blame those who get manipulated.

As Cioran once said, “society is not a disease, it is a disaster. What a stupid miracle that one can live in it.”  And that I could have not said any better.  Hope to see changes some day.

C’est la vie,